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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures AKA Bug Sweeping is a truly international service with potential clients and work opportunities across the globe. And now Owing to the success of the book Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (a book that has sold world wide), Vanquish Training Academy have decided to take the internationally acclaimed 3 day TSCM/ bug sweeping course on an a global tour.

The first course will commence in London, then onto Toronto. From Toronto to New York city. New York to Las Vegas, then across to Los Angeles where the North American part of the tour will finish. It will then travel to Hong Kong. From there it will proceed down to Sydney. From Sydney the course will travel to and take place in Mumbai. Then from Mumbai to Dubai. And finally from Dubai to Accra where the tour will conclude.

Course Founder Michael Chandler

All courses will be taught in English by the author, course founder and international security consultant Michael Chandler who will be giving free copies of his books to all attendees.

This fully comprehensive course will cover:

  • R&R of a TSCM operative

  • All types of Bugging Devices including

  • Listening Devices

  • Recording Devices

  • Covert/ Hidden Cameras

  • Wire taps

  • And vehicle tracking devices combined with vehicle search methods

There will also be extensive insight as to how GPS, Radio Frequencies & Cellular Signals function so that you can understand how to search for them using the various search equipment that is available to us.

You will also benefit from lessons in:

  • Mobile Phone Spy Software and how the intelligence is populated

  • PC, Laptop & Tablet Spyware

  • Forensic Awareness

  • X-ray photography

  • Thermal Imagery

  • Handling Evidence

  • Report Writing and much more

There will only be one course in each city and there are limited seats available, so we recommend booking as quickly as possible.

Book now via Vanquish Academy or The Security Academy

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